Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Protein's World

Welcome to Protein's world...

When you first see these food, what come in mind ??? what is the connection of these foods? what do they have in common ???

PROTEIN !!!!!!!


Protein consume in daily life, is an important component for DNA replication.  The base foundation of a protein is known as amino acid.The amino acids molecular structure, consist of  a carbon atom attach to amino group, hydrogen atom, carboxyl group and R-group (variant).


The structure of the protein can be subdivide into 4 group; primary structure, secondary structure, tertiary strcuture and quaternary structure. 

Here is a bigger picture of the four group of protein. 
Primary structure of protein consists of a linear chain of amino acids. It is also consider as poly amide.
The secondary structure of protein can be divide into alpha and beta.

The tertiary structure of protein is the overall shape of a single protein molecular, the spatial relationship of the secondary structure to one another.  Tertiary structure is stabilizing by a non-local interaction, commonly with the formation of hydrophobic core. The term tertiary structure is often used to synonymous with the term fold.

The quaternary structure protein, several protein molecules, polypeptide chain. It is usually called protein sub unit 

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